True Islamic Course

(Nahy-Anil-Munkar) 1

This also is an important branch of Islam. The Islamic people have been given superiority over others for sticking to those two things, as God has declared:-


“You were the best people that have been brought out for mankind: you enjoin good and dissuade against the forbidden”

“Munkar” is everything which has been forbidden by Islam, like drinking, gambling, taking interest, fornication, taking other people’s wealth etc etc.

Also Munkar means what is frowned upon by Islam, like bad behaviour, sleeping after dawn and not to treat all your workers equally. It is obligatory to dissuade people against the forbidden the first time; and it is optional the second time.

The conditions for dissuading for against the forbidden are similar to those of enjoining good deeds.

Dissuading Against the Forbidden (Nahy-Anil-Munkar) 2

There are four stages of Dissuading against the forbidden:

  1. Mental attitude.
  2. By facial expression of disguise at the deeds of one who does what is forbidden.
  3. By words of advice and admonishment or by irate words and like this.
  4. To use physical force to restrain him from that evil deed, provided that no harm comes to the one who forbids in such a way.

It is necessary to know that these two deeds are greatly revered (i.e. enjoining Good and dissuading against the forbidden)

The Prophet (s.a.w) has stated:-

“All the good deeds of Religion, when compared with the Jihad in the way of God, are just like a mouthful of water compared with the river. And all the good deeds together with the Jihad, when compared with the enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, are just like a mouthful of water compared with the river.”

But these days very few people act on these imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s) has said :

“During the last days of the world, people will neither enjoin other to do good deeds nor dissuade them against evil deeds, unless they know they won’t come to any harm; they would provide themselves with the excuses (not to do these two duties). Then the wrath of God will be complete upon them; and Punishment from God will over-whelm them.”

This hadith (tradition) reveals the state of Muslims these days; for many of them have given up enjoining good and dissuading against the forbidden. It is for this reason that they are being attacked by the infidels. These infidels have taken away their property, have occupied their territories, and have interfered with their Religion. The Muslims have been subjected to humiliation after enjoying an era of prosperity and success.