True Islamic Course
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Introduction presents True Islamic Course for all those who want to know about Islam the learning way. We have divided the course in to 14 lessons followed by questionnaire for each lesson to memorize basics of Islam like we do in worldly studies.

First Lesson has 5 topics:

1. Necessity for seeking knowledge
2. Usul-e-Deen
3. Furu-e-Deen
4. Akhlaq
5. Biographies of 14 Infallibles

Going forward from Lesson 2 - 11 we give detailed study material on 4 topics:

1. Usul-e-Deen
Unity Of Allah (Tauheed)
Justice of Allah (Adl al-ilahi)
Prophethood (Nubuwat)
Succession to the prophet (Imamate)
Day of judgement (Qiyamat)

2. Furu-e-Deen
Prayers (Salat)
Fasting (Saum)
Poor- Rate (Zakat)
Pilgrimage (Hajj)
Holy War (Jihad)
To advise good deeds (Amr bil Maroof)
To dissuade against the Forbidden (Nahianil Munkar)

3. Akhlaq
4. Biographies of 14 Infallibles

Lessons 12 includes a chapter on Behavior (Akhlaq) along with Usul-e-Deen, Furu-e-Deen

We conclude our course titles GOD – An Islamic Perspective and Justice of God in Lessons 13 and 14 respectively.

Please appear for questionnaire at the end of each lesson and do a self check as correct answers are displayed when you click on "Show Results".

This course is also available on mobile devices like Android and Apple.